Dying Breath

Dying Breath


Oil on wood panel, 12x12in.

Dying Breath text: “I can’t breathe.”

- George Floyd, May 25th, 2020.


People of color are murdered on the streets by an overfunded, undertrained police force that should be protecting them. However, if we look at the president’s statements, is it still a surprise that cops feel the confidence to perpetrate such horrible actions? Violent Nazis take to the streets and all the president can say is that there are fine people on both sides. More recently, when given the chance to disavow white supremacists, Trump instead told them to “stand back and stand by.” Terrifying.

For years the president has been encouraging racists to emerge from their hiding holes and to feel that their viewpoints are valid. The truth is that “all [people] are created equal,” and we cannot stand for someone who even suggests otherwise. 

Donations from theis piece, and it's twin, "Fine" People, will go to the NAACP.