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"Honorable" Kavanaugh

"Honorable" Kavanaugh


Oil on wood panel, 18x24in.

"Honorable" Brett text: “I like beer.”

- Brett Kavanaugh's Senate Hearing Testimony, Sept 27th, 2018.


Many women have had experiences like the one Dr. Ford described. One would think the response to such an accusation would be swift and justly severe. Surely, someone who would treat a woman so unjustly has no place on the Supreme Court, but apparently Kavanaugh’s frantic, angry, and apparent defense of liking beer excused him from such a strict treatment. Unfortunately, this is often the response given to women who, with courage to come forward, describe their experiences like this. They’re met with disbelief, or the behavior is excused because the boys will be boys. Right? Ford’s words should have mattered here and it is unbelievable that they did not.

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