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Missing Mommy
Missing Us
Missing my Dog
Missing a Friend
Missing the Boys
Missing Dana
Missing Grandma

M I S S I N G  Y O U


Over time we all find people who's company we enjoy. We become closer to them and learn to associate their presence with certain places. Sadly, nothing lasts forever, and we inevitably lose those important people one way or another. The places, however, still remain, and confront us with the new absence. Even when we know they're gone, we can still expect to find them there, making the emptiness of the place even more painful. The space is simply incomplete without them.

For this series I've been revisiting the places I associate with important people that I’ve lost and capturing the emptiness. It seemed fitting that each piece be done in watercolor, a medium I’ve always felt was somewhat impermanent, the way people are. These paintings are a way for me to remember and celebrate the all the people that I've lost. I'm sure they'd be here if they could.

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